Notices and Tasks


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Current Task List

The garden is all volunteer run. That means: if you are a member of the garden, you are also a volunteer, responsible for doing the communal work to keep the common areas functioning well and looking good.

Every member of the garden is responsible for completing and logging at least ten hours per year. Truthfully, it takes way more than that to keep the garden going and we are grateful to all members who contribute time based on the needs of the garden, well beyond their required minimums.

Here’s a list of things that need doing right now:

  • Weeding the pathways. The area to the north of the shed and near the north entrance need particular attention.
  • Carpentry repair of the shed door.
  • Weeding in the common beds, including the perimeter fence-line (apple, current, mint, etc.) and the centre beds (herbs, etc.).
  • Maintenance of the compost piles: chopping the waste into small pieces, turning the compost.

Some of these tasks are perennial; but some of the things on this list are of-the-moment, so keep checking-back to help us keep the garden beautiful.

And don’t forget to log your the time you’ve spent after you have completed a task!