Member Responsibilities

Member Responsibilities: dues and duties

Woodland Community Garden has __ raised-bed garden plots available to members of the community for growing food, medicines, and ornamental plants. When garden plots become available, they are given to applicants on our waiting list on a first-come-first-served basis.

The privilege of gardening at Woodland Community Garden comes with responsibilities:

  • There is an annual fee of $__ payable not later than _______.
  • Every member must give and log at least 10 hours of work in the common areas of the garden each year; and next-year’s plot renewal is conditioned upon the completion and logging of this work.
  • Every member must weed the foot-path adjacent to the sides of their garden plot
  • Members must endeavour to keep the tool shed clean and organized, must carefully follow composting procedures when disposing of garden waste, and must be generally responsible and courteous with respect to all common spaces, facilities, and plantings.
  • Every member must attend the annual general meeting, which occurs in _________ and which will be announced in the newsletter.

While each member’s community work responsibility is a mere 10 hours each year, it requires substantially more effort than that to keep the garden functioning well. The community is indebted to those members who contribute well above the minimum requirements. Likewise, the community cannot carry those members who fail to meet their basic work requirements.